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3 Reasons to Attend An Accounting Practice Management Workshop

By January 22, 2020 March 17th, 2020 No Comments
Accounting Practice Management Workshop - Sterling Practice Management Glendale, CA

Why should you as a Practice Owner and your staff attend Accounting Practice Management Seminars or Workshops?

We all have areas where we could improve. Maybe your practice isn’t as profitable as you’d like. Maybe your employees aren’t getting the training they need, or you’re having trouble hiring the right people in the first place. You have questions on how to be a better manager and business owner, but where do you go to get answers? Rather than go down a rabbit hole of Google searches, why not go straight to the source? Here are the top reasons why you should attend a workshop instead:

1. Seek Out the Best Answer to Your Specific Query

Most workshops are tailored to specific concerns. This is your chance to sit in and find some answers – live and in person. Unlike a Google search, you can ask questions or refer to examples for better understanding. You can even read about each seminar in advance to make sure it’s a good use of your time to attend. This information should include who the workshop leader is as well, so you know you’re learning from someone who’s been there before and can speak from tried and true experience.

2. Refresh Yourself on Information and Techniques You May Have Forgotten

How many bits of business and management advice have you received only to eventually forget it? It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. Workshops are the perfect place to refresh your memory on some big ideas, or little tips and tricks you may have forgotten when life got busy. Repetition is often the key to success, so sprucing up on the important points can only make you stronger.

3. Find Out Workable Successful Actions and Applications From Others Who Have Done It

One of the most valuable parts of any workshop is talking with the other attendees. These are other practice owners, like yourself, who have been in your shoes. They’ve dealt with the same staffing issues and can tell you how they’ve overcome them. In return, you have some experience to share with them. Making new business contacts is never a bad thing, especially if you can help each other along the way!

Sterling Practice Management conducts accounting practice management seminars and workshops throughout the year at venues around the country. Accountants, practice owners, and their staff are all welcome to attend. Find out how Sterling Practice Management can help turn your practice around. Come to our next workshop or take our free online practice analysis and consultation.