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Eliminate Staff Performance Issues and Grow Your Veterinary Practice

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Dr. Jim connected up with veterinary practice management group Sterling at a time when he desperately needed the leadership skills to take his practice to the next level.

When he bought his North Carolina veterinary practice, Dr. Jim thought the business would naturally run smoothly. His is a common way of thinking: that the practice owner can just concentrate on being a practitioner, which will somehow translate into a successful business or clinic. However, the science of business or practice management contains a completely different set of principles. Practice owners are generally not schooled in these principles as part of their educational requirements. As a case in point, one year after starting his clinic, Dr. Jim realized that his leadership skills were lacking. Through Sterling Management’s program, he discovered how leadership can affect staff performance issues. Armed with this knowledge, he grew his business!

Leadership Skills Can Make a Difference

“I wasn’t being the kind of leader I needed to be to achieve the things I wanted,” he said. His staff at the clinic weren’t participating in any team activities and weren’t responding to any motivation. The staff is the glue that holds an organization together. Without a team that’s eager to work with you, success is elusive.

Seeking out effective leadership skills, Dr. Jim visited Sterling’s headquarters in Glendale, CA for intensive training. Our experienced management consultants conducted an extensive practice analysis to understand Dr. Jim’s business better. Then, we designed a custom study course to address his needs and problem areas.

After completing his training at Sterling, Dr. Jim enacted his new leadership style. By adding structure to his practice in the form of an organizational board and new staff policies, he cleared up a lot of confusion amongst his employees. “The staff now know what’s expected of them,” says Dr. Jim.

Leadership skills extend beyond standard organizational know-how. Communication is a key factor many business owners are missing, which therefore inhibits growth. Effective communication cuts out the wasted effort because everyone now knows their respective roles and how they fit into the organization as a whole.

By communicating the flow of an office and establishing protocols, one can achieve a business that runs more smoothly and with fewer complications.

A Veterinary Practice To Be Proud Of

Dr. Jim has implemented the Sterling veterinary practice management group program at his practice. He says he now “has a staff any veterinarian would be proud of.”

Sterling Practice Management provides a comprehensive custom-designed program that includes training, consulting, and workshops for the practice owner along with his or her staff. This gets everyone on the same page. Hands-on consulting and executive training courses enhance a practice owner’s ability to handle the practice or business.

Are you ready to grow your practice by eliminating staff performance issues? Find out how Sterling can help you. Come to our next workshop or fill out our free online practice analysis. We will do an assessment of your practice to see how you can improve productivity and efficiency.