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3 Tips to Improve the Management of Your Optometric Practice

By January 22, 2020 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Management of an optometric practice begins with a good practice management consultant.

When you are looking to take the management of your optometric practice to the next level, who do you turn to for advice? Business growth is something that a quick Google search won’t answer. Despite what you may have heard, while most optometric practice owners run into similar problems, such as the inability to hire and retain the right staff, not enough new clients, too little time to balance work with family, each practice is different and unique.  Therefore, real tools for effective management should be tailored and applicable to your practice. There is no cookie-cutter, “one size fits all” approach when it comes to building or expanding one’s practice.

To improve your practice, here are some steps you can take to move you along the road to success:

You need advice you can use at your practice

How often do you hear words of wisdom that are inspiring and motivational, only to discover they’re not at all applicable to your business? Tips to help clean more teeth at a dentist’s office won’t help your accounting firm be more efficient during tax season. Too often, good advice is wasted on the wrong audience. You need easy-to-understand material you can actually put into use at your practice.

You need to hear from those with success and experience

There are a lot of theories on how to achieve success. Some, however, are purely hypothetical without any proven models. Don’t jeopardize your practice by letting it be a guinea pig. One of the most practical business and management tips you should apply is to listen to someone in your industry who has accomplished their goals. Find out their successful actions. How did they overcome problems that you are running into? Then do exactly what they do. Follow successful actions.

One feature we always have at our Sterling workshops is the “Million Dollar Roundtable.” Sterling clients who now run $1-5 million practices tell how they got there and you can ask them questions. They’re there to help. It’s a great opportunity to ask them their secrets – and they’re eager to tell you!

You need directions specifically designed to help you succeed

a Practice management consultant can help you achieve efficient management of your optometric practice.Hiring a practice management consultant can often mean the difference between success and failure of your practice. A good practice management consultant can help you through all kinds of practice challenges, from hiring the right staff to streamlining your practice for greater efficiency. However, a practice management consultation should be tailored to you, your current management techniques and what you need to do to improve the management of your optometric practice.

That’s why Sterling practice management offers an in-depth practice analysis. Their extensive experience and knowledge can tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. They then work out customized handlings with you on how to correct it. Custom management plans play an important part in the efficient management of an optometric practice.

And even with all that, there is a lot more to know on the subject of optometric practice profitability and sustainability—how to create the optimum schedule, how to organize for maximum efficiency, assignment of job duties, new patient marketing, etc.

At Sterling, we train you on effective systems to create sustainable practice growth and profitability. Find out for yourself. Come to our next workshop or take our free online practice analysis and consultation.