Tons of Repeat Patients and Word-of-Mouth Referrals

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94-larry_scorttLarry Scortt, DPM, is a veteran client of Sterling with a stable, affluent practice with an office in Fresno, an agricultural city in central California.

“I’ve used Sterling’s services since ’86. I had been in practice about seven years before coming across Sterling. I sought them out because basically I had plateaued out. I was hitting my limits. I was looking for other ways to expand and get revitalized about practicing. I needed something to get me off that plateau and get me invigorated.

“The course work at Sterling deals with managing by statistics and being an effective executive, how to communicate and how to organize your practice, how to make the right decisions at the right time and then implement them effectively.

“I had a pretty good jump in income over the first couple of years after I participated in their courses and it has gradually mushroomed up since then. We’re still applying all the Hubbard management technology we’ve learned at Sterling. I’m using it and my employees are using it every day.

“My practice is much more successful, much more high-powered and more productive than the other practices in town. My personal patient visits are about 300 a week and I do about 10 surgeries a week.

“I see a high volume of people but my whole purpose is to make sure that each patient gets complete relief. I want phenomenal products for them. The patient never has the perception that I’m in a hurry or I don’t spend enough time with them. There are ways to do that so I get in there, get the job done and be efficient about it. We’re talking about tons and tons of repeat patients and word-of-mouth referrals. A lot of stability.

“A lot of my staff are the same ones that worked for me way back then. My office manager has been with me 16 years. Two other people have been with me for 12 years. They know the rules, our policy, what they’ve got to do. All my employees have statistics they are personally on top of and accountable for. So, it has been really good since establishing a relationship with Sterling.

“My own main statistic is New Patients, and that’s got to be high every week. I get about twenty a week. If I start to get down in the teens for a couple of weeks, I figure out a way to get up out of that. I learned the exact simple steps to follow at Sterling.

“Sterling has consultants, advisors, that will help you with whatever you need. I’ve worked with a couple of Sterling consultants who’ve also been in my office at various times, and these guys are all clean, smooth and really dedicated to getting things right but also getting the doctor going so he can break through any barriers where he is stopping himself. They are good at taking the Hubbard administrative technology and helping the doctor apply it so he gets successful results immediately. The statistics of my practice continue to be impacted positively by the input they’ve given me.

“The consultant helps you apply the courseroom study to your practice. They will smooth things out so you and your employees can successfully apply it. The consultant helps your employees get trained in all their duties and be fully responsible for them.

“With all the dramatic changes in medicine, you’ve really got to be ahead of the game with how you manage your practice. Because medicine isn’t at all what it was just 10 years ago. Now we have managed care and things like that. So I have to overcome and out-manage those changes on a continual basis, which I have fun doing! A lot of it has to do with the technology that I got from Sterling in terms of promotional ideas and concepts and things to do. I’m still doing them and always will be!

“Sterling is a group that really cares. These guys will roll up their sleeves and get in there and go to work for you. There are tons of other practice management groups out there and they have some value, but what Sterling offers has been practically etched in steel and is just the most workable, simple method imaginable.”