My Stress Level Went Down – I Have More Free Time

By September 24, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

98-dan_phelpsDan Phelps, DPM, was having problems with his practice but he thought that low growth, office disorganization and stress were normal, “just the way things are.”

“I had difficulties in business but I thought it was all part of the deal,” says Dr. Phelps. “I didn’t know things were going wrong.”

“I went to a Sterling seminar and the change started from that first meeting, and was all positive after that. The practice improved immediately. Sterling brought up my awareness of every area in the business from patient flow to management of employees.

As my control of the practice got better, we got bigger. We went from three employees then to seven full time now. And all those employees have job descriptions and full office manuals, where before they had nothing at all.”

Sterling spoke Dr. Phelps’ language, a fact he appreciated. “I liked working with my consultants. They understood my problems and gave very good advice.”

“The staff reacted positively to managing by statistics. In fact, I’d say the system causes them to stay longer with us. One staff member even came back to work with us after seeing other places!”

“My overall stress level went down–I get more time off now, twice what I could take before. It gives me the time to travel a lot and do the things I enjoy–remodeling old houses, riding my Harley Davidson. I even found time recently to try the Screamer in Las Vegas.”

What does Sterling have that you can’t get from a book? Dan Phelps puts it this way: “You might have book knowledge, but not know-how to convert that to the ability to make a happy, productive practice. And that’s one thing Sterling’s courses and consulting have definitely provided me.”