Every Month We’re Reaching New Heights

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93-zack_parrWhen Zack Parr, DPM, started with Sterling  has been in practice at Poplar Bluff Podiatry in Missouri for eight years.

“I was having a lot of problems at the office. It was a very busy practice and I had no free time at all. There was no real organization in the office. It was very difficult for me to try to run the medical part of the practice and try to run the business part of the office considering that I had no educational background at all in business management. I had six employees. Everyone was trying to run his own area and no one knew what to do!

“I received a pamphlet from Sterling in the mail, was very interested, and called them. I watched a video and talked to several people who were doing the Sterling program. I went out to Sterling’s offices and spent ten days: I went through their training. I was back in the office for three or four weeks and then we got the staff trained as well. Within a month things started to flourish.

“The Sterling consultants worked really well with me as a podiatrist. I told them what my practice was like and they came in and hit those points very specifically.

“My staff were trained through the Speedoª program, and they’ve also gone to the workshop in Chicago. It has been really helpful. Everyone now has a better idea of what his job entails, whereas before no one really knew anything!

“The training I got has made me much more effective as a leader, at getting my point across. I have to spend much less time actually making decisions now. Before, we had no real policies. Now, with policies and procedures in effect, the employees just refer back to them and it answers most of their questions.

“One of the best time-savers they implemented was the communication system.

“It’s great! My assistant and I were getting about 25-30 phone calls a day, and each time we had to stop and take a few minutes. That adds up drastically! It’s one of the best things we got from the program.

“My average income has gone up dramatically since we did the program. That’s actual income.

“Every month we’re reaching new heights. We’ve jumped up about 30% a month on our production. In fact, we’re going to reach an all-time high this month, a 43% increase!

“Sterling really helped us with our finances by helping me implement new policies about how to handle collections. It definitely worked. Collections are much better, we are getting a higher percentage and we’re not letting our accounts lag behind. Last year at this time our accounts aged over 60 days were much too high; they’re now down by 65%.

“The stress level in my life is much less now. I have a lot more free time. There’s a lot less headache trying to worry with the business part of the office. It is much more organized everything flows much faster. Business has picked up tremendously! We’re still picking up, constantly. In fact, within the next couple of months I’m going to hire an associate!

“I would highly recommend anyone having any problems even if you are NOT having problems to go to Sterling because it helps so much. Even if people are doing well Sterling can still come in and improve things to make the practice run better. The whole Sterling program has been a great help to me.”