If You Do It, It Works And You’ll Be Successful

By September 24, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

97-bob_cushnerBob Cushner, DPM, has been practicing for fifteen years but a few years ago he found himself with serious personnel problems and no idea how to effectively deal with them.

“I had plenty of questions,” says Dr. Cushner, “but no answers. In fact, until I came to Sterling I had no basic organization, no written policy, no written authority in the practice.

“I got all that and more from Sterling. They gave me management technology that I knew would work every time I used it.

“For instance, the Formulas for Business Success course and the Management by Statistics course allowed us to be objective as managers, evaluating what each person produced. We put in a bonus system based on statistics.

“The system definitely improved staff relationships. Everyone saw that their own job was important and how it related to the next job. If one person didn’t get the job done, the staff could see how it would fall down. The whole staff also worked together better.

“Our income doubled the first year. I now have more time producing the product instead of putting out fires,” says Dr. Cushner. “I can do what I want for the practice instead of being stuck in things which aren’t necessary.

“The administrative technology you get at Sterling works. It’s basically foolproof. If you follow it, it works and you’ll be successful. Everything you need is there.”