Elizabeth Rayne

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My name is Elizabeth Rayne and I am a general dentist in Austin, Texas. I purchased my practice in April 2000. I had no idea of the challenge this would be. I had staff issues and turnover. I lacked any policies and procedures. I ended up doing the duties of my staff. My expenses were rising and my production and collections were stagnant. With all the chaos, it was hard to be close with my patients as I had envisioned when I became a dentist. My answer to this was to work harder. I lost my affinity for being a dentist. I inevitably became a slave to my practice. I felt overwhelmed.

I found Sterling soon after I purchased my practice. With my chaos, the vision of an ideal practice seemed far away, but at least I knew it was possible. My issue was I had a hard time believing I could have the practice I wanted, but Sterling never gave up on me.

With the help of my consultant, the vision of having the practice I wanted became real to me. Through my Office Manager, we started with staff issues and turnover. Sterling helped me build a willing and productive team. We implemented policies and procedures in the office and were able to stick to them. The improvement was amazing! I was able to spend time and be close to my patients. I enjoyed being a dentist again.

Sterling also helped me promote and market my practice. Within two months, the number of new patients coming into the practice began to climb steadily. I began to attend two Sterling seminars a year, and I also brought my entire staff. Everyone was on the same page, and the growth and prosperity began.

Here are my results. First and foremost, I do not feel overwhelmed with my practice and I have the practice I envisioned. I feel empowered. I enjoy being close to my patients again. My team is properly trained, proactive and fully empowered. Our production and collections have soared in the past year. We attend a Sterling seminar once every 3-4 months to continue our learning and growth. There is no limit to our growth and prosperity as long as we are able to envision it.

I strongly recommend Sterling. They will help you on the road to prosperity.

Elizabeth Rayne, DDS