Donna Williams

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Six years ago I needed help with organizing my office and reducing my level of stress. At the time, my child was very sick and I hadn’t been able to pay full attention to my practice. I had high staff turnover and collections and production were not where they should have been; it felt overwhelming with so much to confront in the practice and so much going on in my personal life as well.

In dental school, we are taught how to do dentistry, but how to run a practice effectively is never taught. I wanted help from someone who really knew what they were doing and cared about me and my success. I received a newsletter from Sterling, signed up for their program, and was immediately able to put an organization in place that wasn’t there before.

My income and new patients jumped up right away with new patients doubling almost immediately. I learned sophisticated but simple tools that enable me to know where I am at all times and what to do about it. The classes I took helped me set my life in order so I could take care of everything and not have any back-off.

I learned what to look for in hiring staff and whether or not to keep staff on; I got tools to get them to produce what they should be producing and I’m also far more comfortable in dealing with patients and continuing them on treatment plans. All this has equaled a very much improved practice and personal life!

I have been able to set and achieve my goals with the help of Sterling.

My practice went from approximately $200,000 a year production when I signed up to almost 5 times that and we have the goal of producing $1,000,000 by the end of this year.

Donna R. Williams. DDS