David Isaacs

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I have been practicing dentistry for seventeen years. In the years since receiving my degree, I have owned or started three different practices in Indiana and I have owned my current practice in Indianapolis for nine years.

My current practice had been doing pretty well since I bought it, but I was not able to take it too much higher in production. It was stuck averaging $70,000 per month. I knew I could do better and I was growing more and more frustrated. I spent a lot of money on external marketing which produced very little returns. I even tried a dentist “coach” who analyzed my practice over the phone. This didn’t work either.

The practice is located in a rapidly deteriorating strip center and my lease was coming due. I was tired of flat production numbers and I realized I had to get my act in gear to afford to move the practice to a nicer location.

I started to investigate practice management companies to help me get over the proverbial hump. I was looking for one that had a long history of success with proven techniques that helped provide discipline and leadership. I also wanted one that would still be there after the “sale.”

I received a letter from Sterling and decided to send away for the free DVD. The information presented was exactly what I was looking for. I signed up with Sterling in February 2008 and the practice has taken off since. This year we will clear our one-million-dollar goal. Not too bad given the current “economic climate.”

We now have the systems in place and we are moving the practice to a new building in a great location. I have assembled a great staff and the excitement is contagious.

Sterling delivered. If you want things to get better, I encourage you to call Sterling. I am certainly glad that I did.

David Isaacs, DDS