Robert Byrum

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My name is Bob Byrum: I have been practicing family dentistry going into my 15th year.

While other practices go on experiencing increasing expenses and decreasing reimbursements as they continue to involve themselves with HMO’s, PPO’s, etc., I count my blessings from my involvement with Sterling.

Late in 1989, my wife, Bonnie and I decided she would leave her banking job and go with me to Glendale where Sterling Management is based. She would come on board as the office manager to help implement what we learned in our training. We are both glad we did!!

Prior to Sterling, I spent five and a half days a week in patient care with another one-half to one day per week in paperwork. Following their executive training, I now spend four days per week in patient care and about one day per month in paperwork. Within a few months after returning from our training, our production increased over 260% and today it’s 560% over what it was prior to Sterling and we do this in 27% less time. Today alone we saw 9 new patients and our average per month is 85. Prior to Sterling, I saw 8 to 10 new patients per month. There is one dentist (me) and one and one-half hygienists, plus support staff.

They have afforded me more leisure time away from the office with my wife and family and other personal pursuits — and that is priceless!!! Our staff also loves the 3 day weekends!

I strongly recommend you call Sterling for a free video on successful practice management and a no-charge consultation and see what this program can help you attain.

Robert L. Byrum, DDS