John Czochanski

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My name is John Czochanski and I am a general dentist in Orange, California. I have been in practice for 14 years.

During the first few years of practicing, I was working part-time in my practice and associating part-time for other dentists. My practice consisted of about 50% managed care. I was working hard but not being compensated for the volume of dentistry I was doing.

I received the Successful Practice Management video from Sterling Management, talked to one of their consultants and decided they could be of help.

After completing some practice management training at their facility, I was designed a custom plan to reach the intended goals for my practice. What I liked about their plan is they never once told me how to do dentistry or what kind of dentistry to do; they helped me with my practice management.

Since starting with Sterling my production has increased 9-fold and I have built a brand new full-time state-of-the-art facility. I see no capitation or welfare patients and do the type of dentistry I want to do. I have hired specialists to do some of the work I no longer desire to do and now employ two full-time general dentists. I can concentrate more on getting and treating the type of cases I want to treat.

I invite you to call them and request a copy of their free video.

John Czochanski, DDS