The Practice is Now Much Better Organized Than it Has Ever Been

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Like a lot of private business owners, I excel in my technical specialty, but I never really learned how to manage the practice as a business. Until I found Sterling Practice Management, I thought the way to solve problems was to just work harder. I hoped that sheer determination and long hours would see us through. But sometimes, instead of working for a living, we wind up working ourselves to death.

Unfortunately, my poor leadership skills combined with an urgent personal matter gave me less time to apply sheer determination. This spelled disaster. After the tax season, my associate quit. She said she didn’t like the work, and I don’t blame her for not liking my chaotic, high-stress office. Since I couldn’t see how to make the business better, I began to shut my office door each day hoping that no one would call me.

Major Turnaround in the Practice

Then, I received a letter similar to this one from another CPA who was a Sterling client. Something in that letter spoke to me. After viewing their free DVD and receiving three hours of free consulting, I signed up for their program. I’m glad I did. This year has seen a major turnaround in my practice.

I have been to all kinds of seminars over the years, but Sterling practice management seminars are different. At seminars, I would get pumped up about some new idea, but when I got home it all just sat on the shelf gathering dust. I needed a plan, someone to help me implement the right actions in the correct sequence and help get staff on board too. Sterling is the only consulting firm I’ve ever found that is with you for the long run. With their help, the practice is now much better organized than it has ever been. We are much more conscious of profits and know how to make them without a lot of stress.

The Profit Increases More Than Paid for the Initial Investment

During Sterling’s training, I learned exactly how to organize the practice and manage staff. The real value, though, came with the consulting I received afterward. My consultant guided me through the implementation of the management system so that I got the expected result.

Production increases in the first tax season alone more than paid for the initial investment. Gross revenue was up about 22 percent and we had a 45 percent net.

If any of this hits home for you, do yourself a favor and call them at 800-933-7538 to explore the options they can offer you or request their free DVD by clicking here to receive their free DVD and no-charge consultation. Sterling has a fantastic management system that works, as it helped me organize my practice and become more profitable. Their program is not a magic pill that instantly makes problems disappear; it taught me how to deal with the ones that do come up. And that makes all the difference in the world.

Ralph Eldridge, CPA