Our Gross Has Tripled and We Are Very Profitable!

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After sixteen years in practice, I’d hit an impasse: The practice was small, we couldn’t seem to do things efficiently, we couldn’t get the work out the door, we didn’t have good agreements with our clients, and we weren’t profitable. If I’d not found Sterling, I’d have likely left the accounting profession. There were too many days when I was considering that I could make more money working a day job than what I was making working day and night for myself.

When I found Sterling, everything started turning around.

I landed at Sterling’s offices in December 1995. Over the next two weeks. I took a number of courses as well as received a thorough business consultation. I developed an increased confidence as an executive; in particular with my ability to plan, delegate, and supervise. I also, learned a system to determine the exact next step I should take given the existing condition of my practice. I left with a written program detailing simple steps to get my practice moving in the right direction and my consultant followed up with me to make sure I was able to complete each step. There was an immediate and dramatic improvement

About six months later, I had Sterling come to my practice to create structure, get all my employees understanding the business goals, and get us all working together as a real team. The results were magnificent! It would have taken me a very long time to get the management technology really implemented without this individualized service. Now the game was really becoming fun!!

During 1996, I worked far fewer hours, made a lot more money, and was able to take three months off that year to pursue another interest of mine. By 1998, I was going home at 6:00 during tax season despite preparing far more returns than in previous years. My staff were extraordinarily efficient and organized—and still are!

Since starting with Sterling, our gross has tripled and we are very profitable! My practice passed a million dollars this year.

All this was accomplished without adding personnel or paying to acquire other practices. In fact, I still have the same size staff I did in 1995. Instead, it was done by learning how to motivate and manage personnel and by putting in some simple but effective procedures.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you know the right way to run your business.

The difference in my personal life is tremendous. Instead of being overworked and overstressed, I now spend my time wisely when I am in the office and accomplish what needs to be done. This frees me up to lead a more balanced life including more time for my family and community. I have the money to pursue my goals.

If you feel like your practice is out of control; if your staff are running you; if you are working too many hours for too little profit; you really you really owe it to yourself, your family and your staff to give Sterling a call. Life can be fun again! Let me invite you to look into Sterling more closely.

Bob Naugler, CPA