I’ve Increased My Leisure Time by Twenty Percent!

By September 23, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

I wasn’t accomplishing what I needed to accomplish in the time allotted. It seemed like I wasn’t efficient. I was having to work a lot of late nights. Work was being completed, but not in the timely manner I wanted. I was putting in twenty-hour days, everyone in the office was very tense and there was a lot of pressure.

The coursework I did at Sterling was extremely valuable. It reaffirmed many of my thoughts. Aside from the normal curriculum, I took the course Formulas for Business Success, which I found to be really helpful to my business. It was one of the most valuable things I learned.

The emotional tone scale and the formulas were very practical. Some days I’ll be sitting in my office, facing a situation, and refer back to my Formulas for Business Success. I will rethink my approach and apply the correct formula.

The information about valuable final products was phenomenal. We have been trying to implement this more and more with each client. We look at each job and try to define the valuable final product for the particular client.

I learned a great deal which I not only have applied in my business but have utilized in both my husband’s and my clients’ businesses. This has resulted in more free time for other tasks.

The organizing board has helped tremendously. Each employee is assigned specific responsibilities and tasks. I maintain overall control but their acceptance of greater responsibility has allowed me more billable time. We have all been very team oriented in this office. Now, however, each team member understands better their particular role in the overall organization.

The communication system that Sterling implemented has also freed up time. The developed traffic [interruptions, etc.] has been cut down tremendously.

Monthly billings and collections are running approximately 15% ahead of last year. There is a lot less pressure and we are taking more time off. It is Labor Day weekend and I am off to the beach. The only reason I did not go yesterday is because my husband could not take the time off. I’ve increased my leisure time by 20%.

I feel like I’m not only a better manager and executive, but also a more secure person. The support from Sterling has been fantastic. If I have a question, I fax or call my consultant. Response is immediate.

I have learned that it is not my responsibility to see that everything gets done. More than anything else, it is great not to be the only one responsible. It is unbelievable to see the changes in the personalities of all my staff. They are really taking over their positions. Because we have an organization chart they know what their jobs are and what is required for them to get their jobs done. I can give up control over a lot of things and know that they will still be completed.

I have already recouped my financial investment in Sterling. It took less than six months. This does not even count the feeling of confidence that I now have. The Hubbard management technology may seem simplistic and loaded with common sense; however, I needed to be taught how to apply it to make it functional. With its application comes the success I am now enjoying.

Joanne Rosenfeld, CPA