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Motivation and Purpose

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Sterling Practice Management. This practice management tip of the week is all about Motivation and Purpose

This practice management tip of the week comes from Sterling Practice Management. Perhaps you have experienced the phenomenon of losing sight of your practice or company goals and feeling adrift. If so, this exercise may help.

A practice management tip of the week by Sterling Practice management on getting statistics risingEvery so often it can be observed that the practice owner or employees seem to forget why they are there. And when they do, upsets occur and production suffers.

Statistics are never an end in themselves. A statistic is a number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount. It represents something that is produced – a product. Statistics measure how much of something has been produced. One can tell how much has been produced relative to an earlier period by looking at the statistic. Is it rising or is it falling? Rising equals more products produced, falling equals fewer products produced.

The way to get statistics rising is to raise the level of productivity in the organization. The products obtained should all be in the direction of forwarding the purpose of the company. Statistics do not go up because you push only statistics. They go up because you push the purpose of the company, which then results in higher productivity levels, as measured by statistics.


Here is an exercise you can do to get all your employees on the same page and forwarding the goals of the practice or company.

In your next staff meeting ask your staff what is their idea of the practice’s overall product and purpose. Keep working on it until all agree on one.

Next, have them work out how their purposes fit into working at your practice or company.

then get them to figure out how their own products contribute to the overall product of the practice and how rising statistics reflect the achievement of the practice and their own purposes.

Alignment of Purpose Equals Higher Productivity

You will find that once the staff members line up their purposes with those of the practice or company, much of the upset and conflict will tend to die down and it will be easier to motivate the staff and get them moving forward in the same direction.

Get ready for soaring statistics, lots of helped patients, and high-morale staff!

How to Put Goals and Purposes to Use in Your Practice

This is just one use of goals and purposes to align all staff to the goals of the practice or company. There is a lot more to the subjects of goals and purposes. That’s why at Sterling Practice Management, we offer courses where you can learn what goals and purposes are, how to use them to revitalize any practice and how to create a staff team that is purpose-driven rather than just clocking in and out and taking home a paycheck.

Our goal is to empower the practice owner and the staff to create a thriving, profitable practice. So if you are looking to achieve your goals for your practice, contact us at (818) 241-1144, or come to our next workshop, or take our free online practice analysis and consultation.