Practice Management Tips

Too Many Things on Your Plate?

By December 31, 2019 March 4th, 2020 No Comments
Effective group practice management trick to keep you ahead of the game

Effective group practice management requires an effective staff team. A vital part of that effectiveness is staying on top of your work assignments and not letting them back up. Here is an action that can be instantly taken by any employee to stay on top of work tasks.

Here’s a quick magical trick. Do you ever find you have too many incomplete jobs on hand and tasks piling up and your attention dispersed?

Do the following: Make a list of all the jobs. Just list them out on a piece of paper. That’s all. Every time you think of a new incomplete job – add it to the list. Normally you’ll find, a day or two later, that many of them got completed and you can cross them off.

If not, just take some of the easier, faster ones, complete them first and cross them off.

But don’t put “finish all charts” as one job. That would be too overwhelming a task. List each separately. That way, when you finish one, you get to cross it off.

If you are still having trouble, work out a game for yourself with rewards for finishing the list (a golf game, a nice dinner, whatever you will be willing to play for) along with penalties for not doing it.

You may soon find yourself looking for more things to do because you have completed everything on your list. This could even lead to more efficiency and effectiveness at work.

You can even apply this at home or to any area of endeavor.