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I started practicing as a podiatrist 21 years ago. The practice had been doing well, but the management aspect of employee hiring and retention was becoming more cumbersome as the number of physicians and employees increased.

In September of 2001, I started working with the wonderful team at Sterling Management. My Office Manager and I went through the Executive Basics training, followed by on-site training for the entire staff. The training we received has made our staff a well-oiled machine with a coalesced team spirit. I now feel we provide more efficient care with fewer dropped balls which equate to better patient service.

Another goal we had was to reduce the number of managed care plans which we participate in and get a better payer mix, which we are achieving.

It has become much easier for me as a managing partner to evaluate potential employees for a better fit with our group and better retention. Also, I have been given the tools for management of the business, something I just wasn’t given in podiatry school.

Life has been enriched for me with the technology I was given. I would recommend allowing Sterling Management to provide you with information on what they can do for your practice.

Maureen Crotty, DPM