Our Net Profit Has Tripled; Our Staff Is Happy, Productive, And Well Paid

By September 24, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

I had started my practice ten years previously and had developed a fairly good practice. However, I felt that to attain our practice goals I needed professional business help. I felt confident with my clinical skills and knew our patients received great care. We were expanding at a healthy rate, but I felt I was not in control of the practice. I needed help running my staff and running my business. After researching the various companies offering consulting help I became a client of Sterling.

On their program, I learned how to communicate with my patients, staff, family and others much more effectively. We implemented a way to quantify and measure every aspect of the practice. We implemented a way to track those key areas over time and a way to correctly change them as needed. We implemented a system to allow our staff to work more as a team. We learned ways to more effectively hire employees. We implemented a bonus system for the employees so that they felt that they had a very important stake in the practice and as the practice did better so did they, in a very measurable and predictable manner. In short, we learned how to work more productively, be more profitable, have more fun, provide better care, and have more free time.

The result of implementing the Sterling is that I have been able to achieve an excellent balance of personal and professional life. Our net profit has tripled; our staff is happy, productive, and well paid. We are well-organized and well run and I have been able to markedly increase the time spent with my family. We are in control of our practice now, we know where we are heading and we know how to get there. The best part of this technology is that it applies to all areas of life – both my staff and family agree. It has been a very productive relationship.

Dr. John Child