I Love Coming to Work Now!

By September 24, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

I first heard of Sterling from a doctor, a friend from Wilmington, Delaware. When he told me about their program I ordered a bunch of books from them. I read the books and started using the Hubbard management technology, making up graphs and so on, before I ever went to Sterling for training. There was a young lady at Sterling who kept after me to go out to Glendale to get trained; I finally decided to go as a result of her persistence, to be perfectly honest.

Getting on the Sterling program is the best move I’ve made since I’ve been in practice. I’ll tell any OD that by not taking advantage of Sterling’s services you’re making a huge mistake.

I’ve been a Sterling client since 1990. I’ve been out to their Glendale facility for training several times now. When I went out for training the first time, my gross production was about $37,000 a month. In about two months my production shot up to about $74,000 a month.

I was stressed out, unorganized, I had poor management of employees and poor management of finances. One of the Sterling courses that meant the most to me was “Management by Statistics.” I’ve used that information ever since I had been just barely keeping my head above water now I’m sailing!

The Organizing Board that Sterling helped us work out and put up in the office is a beautiful thing. It reduces developed and unnecessary traffic. It lets everybody know what we should be doing. It keeps everyone on track with regard to what our hats (job descriptions) are, and what we are supposed to be doing. Including me!

When I really gave my office manager her hat it relieved me greatly and allowed me to do some other things with my time. As a result of implementing the Organizing Board, I have more free time. I don’t have people asking me this and that they know where to get the answers to their questions.

Everyone in my practice is keeping statistics on what they do. They understand how to use the statistics and the formulas that relate to them and know what they are all about. All of my staff have had some Sterling training either at the Glendale office or by having Sterling come to my office to teach courses to them. We’ve also attended several Sterling seminars in Atlanta on three or four different occasions over the years.

It only took me about two months to make back my initial investment in Sterling. Believe me, you’ll make it back and then some!

I love coming to work now. It’s fun now, whereas it wasn’t much fun before. There’s more harmony among the staff. The staff enjoy the technology because we play games, they get bonuses and they have wins. We set a goal at the beginning of the year and if we reach our goal we win a four-day cruise, all expenses paid. We’ve been on three cruises now! This year our goal is to go to Las Vegas. If we reach our goal we are going to take a trip to Las Vegas, four days, all expenses paid, with spending money. They are really fired up about that!

Using the Hubbard management technology that Sterling provides in my office is the best move I’ve made in practice in 26 years. I wish that I had done it sooner! The technology is fantastic and it works. It really works!

Jim Dandy, OD