Ajit Tiwari

By November 18, 2019 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

Before I was introduced to Sterling, the stress of the business side of our profession was taking over, badly affecting my peace of mind and family life. It wasn’t fun.

Optometry school had taught me how to be an excellent clinician but not a day-to-day businessman with a staff to manage. I needed help.

The one-on-one business consultations I received from one of Sterling’s Master Consultants, gave me the tools I needed to manage my staff, organize my business, enhance my personal and family life, cut my stress level, and become a stronger, more focused person—and no, that wasn’t an optometrist joke.

The management skills I gained through Sterling resulted in greater staff efficiency, higher productivity, better harmony and teamwork, more profitability and increased income for everyone in the practice, which adds up to reduced stress all around. Had this been all, it would have been more than enough, but the tools and consultation Sterling provided went beyond, helping me to improve my personal and my business relationships and making me a better person.

Sterling cares about its clients and does everything possible to help them achieve their highest potential. I know that if I encounter a problem, I can count on Sterling to help me work through it to a positive solution. I look forward to working with Sterling for many years to come.

Ajit Tiwari, OD