Sterling’s online courses train staff in the basics of successful practice management at your office.

It has been proven time and time again that a practice owner’s job is made much easier and practice expansion is more certain with staff who are trained and who know their jobs. Sterling has been successfully training practice owners and their staff for over 35 years.

What if you were able to have Sterling train you and your staff in the basics of successful practice management right at your office? What if you and your staff could acquire information which can be immediately applied to put you on the road to a smooth-running practice?

Well, now you can with Sterling’s online courses. Each course is based on proven, workable principles and techniques which have helped practice owners create a smooth-running practice.

Students are supervised online through the course by a trained Sterling Course Supervisor who is there to help you duplicate and understand the information so you can apply what you learn. All you need, besides the course materials, is a computer and access to the internet.

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Client Testimonials

If you want to turn over hats successfully, you have to make sure that the staff are fully trained for their position…. It’s a big job and the only way to achieve all this is to have Sterling train your key personnel.”
—C.C., Optometrist

“Sterling’s technology was the missing ingredient I needed. I don’t understand how anyone can survive, prosper and lead a happy life as a dentist, spouse and parent without it.”
—D.C., Dentist

The fundamentals of communication - Online Courses

The Fundamentals of Communication

Your guide to Improving Understanding and Cooperation

If you have ever wanted to become better at public speaking, networking in business, or simply to be better able to share your great ideas, then this is the course for you! The powerful secrets of communicating with confidence will be revealed along with the vital role that effective communication plays in virtually every aspect of your job.

Learn the precise skills of how to connect with others in a natural and confident manner as well as the time-tested concepts on how to improve relations with your co-workers and increase understanding between people. There is a formula for communication that will help you spot any part of it that is missing, so that you can easily remedy it. And we will explain how you can increase your personal power through the use of just three vital elements!

Upon successful completion, you will have gained the knowledge required for you to increase your interactive skills, as well as to increase your personal power, thus allowing you to effectively contribute to your company as a team member.

The Basics of Organization

The How-To Guide to Being Organized

Working effectively in a business is the key to productivity. Yet, despite the vital necessity of being able to interact well with management, organizational basics are very often misunderstood and thus poorly implemented. In this course, you will gain keen insight into how to effectively manage your performance within an organizational structure. The result? — Less stress at work while meeting expectations on schedule.

Learn the basic principles you have to know to organize anything. We explain what communication lines are and how to avoid impeding them. We then cover the role of an executive and how you can ensure you facilitate your boss, rather than hinder his ability to do his job. You will learn what your job is as an employee and how to make sure you keep it. Finally, we discuss the impact that organization has on morale.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained the knowledge required for you to become well established in your organization and to understand what is expected of you with regard to working with others, thus allowing you to help your company achieve its organizational goals.

The Basics of Organization - Online Courses
How to increase productivity - Online Courses

How to Increase Productivity

The How-To Guide for Obtaining Growth

Having a clear direction is one of the most important elements of getting work done. When you know what to do and how to do it, work becomes pleasurable instead of confusing. All business operations have a proper sequence, and when these are identified, known and implemented, productivity will increase dramatically.

In this course, you will learn what a product is and the three simple steps that are vital to successfully achieving any product, including how to ensure that it is valuable. You will learn how to create and use a list of subproducts to help you to be more productive. Finally, you will learn how to increase your level and quality of exchange of your product with your public.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained the ability to determine precisely what the products of your job position are and how to set your course of action to obtain them in abundance. You will have learned how to determine the level of exchange in which you routinely operate and how to increase it. With this data, your company will possess the ability to establish its own level of income and longevity.

Understanding the Formulas to Improve Conditions

A Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing Your Effectiveness

Valuable team members are the most important element in creating a powerful business. In this course, you will learn how to increase your value, productivity and longevity. With application of the key elements presented in this course you will be in a position to experience more personal satisfaction at work!

Learn how to compare your current level of production to that of earlier points in time, enabling you to accurately and objectively determine whether or not your scene is improving. You will learn specific steps to take, when you’re doing well on your job, to isolate and reinforce what it is you’ve been doing successfully. And when your productivity is sliding or rapidly going downhill, you’ll know the precise actions to take to remedy that situation. Finally, you’ll learn the five key factors which, when routinely applied, result in an ever-increasing level of production.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained the ability to not only identify the precise state in which you are operating on your job, but you’ll know exactly how to improve the existing scene and therefore your effectiveness on the job. Striving to attain a steeply rising level of production will become a matter of routine for you. With this data, you will possess the certainty that you can handle whatever comes your way on any given day.

Tools for managing business growth - Online Courses
Understanding the formulas to improve conditions - Online Courses

Tools for Managing Business Growth

A Step-by-Step Guide to Controlling Business Growth (Prerequisite: The Understanding the Formulas to Improve Conditions Course)

When you understand practical business metrics, you can overcome challenges with greater certainty. In this course, you will unlock the simple steps of how to measure and increase your organization’s performance. You will know how to “connect the dots” with business metrics, and thus gain control of important signals that allow you to understand your business with greater depth and clarity.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained the knowledge and ability to assign a statistic to the product of any job position. You will be able to read trends, properly scale a graph and determine the status of any statistic with ease. And you will have gained an understanding of the planning steps used in a company and the knowledge and ability to participate in the process. Armed with the data contained in this course, you can gain control of your production and know how to get the statistics you manage rising each and every day!

How to Increase Office Efficiency

The Basics of Office Efficiency

Clear communication is important to bring about an efficient office. Learn the basics of a simple communications system that assists business professionals in accomplishing more production in less time.

In this course, you will learn how you can increase your efficiency through proper use of the company communications system. You will also learn the most thorough yet quickest way to get approval for any action or project you wish to undertake. In short, you will learn how to handle paperwork of any kind in an efficient manner.

Improving office efficiency through proper use of your company’s communications system will become a matter of routine for you. Equipped with the methods taught in this course, you will possess the ability to get your work done more efficiently and more quickly than ever before. Imagine getting a performance review with a rating of “Exceeds Expectations”!

How to increase office efficiency - Online Courses
Maximizing your effort and effectiveness - Online Courses

Maximizing Your Effort and Effectiveness

The How-To Guide to Eliminating Conflict (Prerequisites: The Understanding the Formulas to Improve Conditions and Tools For Managing Business Growth Courses)

Internal noise and conflict can create an environment of frayed nerves and overwhelm. This course teaches you how to spot and address the root causes of such situations. Discover more than fifty types of scenarios in business that create such conflict and what you can do to spot and eliminate them. We discuss in each instance the consequences of NOT handling them when they occur. Finally, you will learn the simple rule for how to handle work of any kind.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained a full understanding of these different scenarios and their relationship to production and efficiency on your job. Striving to eliminate them whenever and wherever you spot them should become a matter of routine for you. With this data, you will possess the certainty that you can eliminate overwhelm on your job and in your company.

Implementing Core Values

The How-To Guide to Building a Focused Team

Productive teams work best when everyone is focused on productivity and positive actions. There are a few who make work harder for others. With the proven systems that you will learn in this course, you will know how to create a focused work environment that is positive and rewarding.

In this course, you will learn the role that ethics plays in an organization. We explain its relationship to morals and justice. We then cover a system of rewards and penalties that is designed to achieve productivity. You will learn about a mechanism that prevents a group from having rotten working conditions. Finally, we discuss the duties of every employee, how to provide good service and the mark of a true professional.

Upon successful completion, you will have gained a full understanding of ethics and its applicability to production on your job. You will know how to ensure that your job is secure and that you are rewarded for your production. You will also learn how to create goodwill or contribute to the goodwill that you company has with its public. With this data, you will possess the certainty that you can positively control your work environment and prosper by doing so.

Implementing Core Values - Online Courses