With Sterling’s Help I now Have a Smooth-Running Office

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I love what modern dentistry has made possible, providing ever-better ways to improve patients’ health and appearance, while minimizing their pain and discomfort. But, as I learned a few years ago, technical skill is not enough. To be able to provide those benefits to as many people as possible, I also needed to become skilled at managing my dental practice.

After receiving my degree from the University of Belarus Medical School, I further developed my techniques by working under internationally acclaimed cosmetic specialists in Belgium. I later moved to Los Angeles and opened my own office specializing in cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry.

In the beginning, the practice grew nicely, but after a few years it had stalled out. I tried using a few different practice management consultants: when they were working here I did see some improvements, but once they left everything they worked on disappeared and things went back to the way they used to be. There were no lasting results.

By 2008, the practice had been stagnant for a while and with the economic downturn, I knew I needed to do something to offset what was happening with the rest of the economy. That was when I signed up with Sterling.

Sterling takes a very different approach than the other consultants I had tried. Instead of being constantly and completely dependent upon the consultants, Sterling trained me on how to be a better executive, to make the right decisions and take the right actions to achieve my practice’s full potential.

It didn’t take long to see the results: within five months I had already achieved 50% more growth than my initial goal and our production and collections are now double what they were when I started. Along with boosting my income, I was able to cut down my working hours. Before I started with Sterling, it was difficult for me to get two or three weeks off; now I take six weeks’ vacation every year. With a well-organized practice and motivated staff who know their jobs, I can relax instead of worrying that things will fall apart in my absence.

Sterling offers a complete package of services that helped me build and strengthen my practice. The first was the executive training where my husband and I learned the right way to run a dental office. Then there is their help in hiring the right personnel. There are also regular consultations with our Sterling consultant to address any situations that might arise in the practice. Finally, there are the weekend workshops where we not only receive further management training but also get excellent recommendations on equipment, procedures, and marketing from other successful dentists.

I am very glad that I signed up with Sterling six years ago. I knew that my practice had a lot of potential, and with Sterling’s help I now have a smooth-running office that is profitable and expanding.

Marina Adams, DDS