Susan Baker

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I started my dental practice in a small town in 1998 in central Texas. I’ve always been busy, we have plenty of patients, but after 7 years I found myself frustrated, barely paying the bills and getting extremely burned out. I was ready to quit dentistry and go back to pharmacy which was my first degree.

I have always been able to make things work by treating people right and working very hard, but always at the expense of myself. That is, I ignored the fact that I had no life and virtually no time for myself. Time off meant staying home mostly because I was afraid to spend the money.

I made a decision to try practice management so I chose Sterling. I took the Executive Booster Program in June followed by 6 months of consulting. My monthly income went up by 1/3 in July, doubled in August and has stayed at that level every month since.

I was really encouraged, so I followed up with an on-site-training program for the staff in September to keep up the momentum. I now know exactly how much I have to make to keep my office running smoothly. Every dollar above that is a bonus for me and my employees. I don’t hesitate to take a vacation or time off because I know my expenses are covered.

My experience at Sterling has been nothing but positive. I have made back all of my initial investment and will soon be out of debt completely.

I highly recommend Sterling.

Susan Baker, DDS