Steve Gwaltney

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My name is Steve Gwaltney and I am a practicing dentist in Suffolk, Virginia.

I began my practice following dental school in 1983 and have slowly increased my patient base and income over the years.

A few years ago I realized that while I was making an excellent living, I lacked the education and experience to manage my practice in an efficient, smooth-running manner. Further, I found little time to enjoy my growing family and pursue my favorite hobbies of hunting and fishing.

While leafing through one of my dental magazines a year ago, I noted an advertisement by Sterling Management Systems that appeared to have solutions for my business.

After doing Sterling’s tailored program, I have significantly enhanced my total practice. I have expanded my staff, added new high tech equipment and still continue to show an increasing profit each month. Further, through their training of myself and selected staff members, I have delegated much of the day-to-day business.

Reviewing my monthly financial progress charts, and considering that my current schedule now allows more quality time for my family as well as some hunting and fishing, it is clearly seen that the Sterling program has been an overwhelming success story.

Steve A. Gwaltney, DDS