Sterling Guided me to Create the life I Wanted

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When I got accepted to dental school, I knew it was my ticket to the good life. I’d get to help people and make a great income at the same time. Within two years after graduation, I bought a thriving small practice.

Knowing nothing about running an office, I sought the advice of consultants at the dental conventions and they gave it freely. Well, you know what they say about free advice. Within a year and a half, I was netting whatever I made the last day of the month and did not trust my own judgment anymore.

When I received the Sterling Management promotion I had my staff go with me to their seminar. The things they said felt right so I signed up for their consulting and courses. That action caused a rapid and remarkable change in my life.

In just a couple of months, my income started to rise and just kept rising. I finally had to pay income tax that year! Just a middle-class practice, lots of fillings, some crowns, a few root canals. Being a lazy sort, I soon tired of the high volume and hired an associate, while cutting back to three and a half days a week, and always left the office on time. It was what I had dreamed of when applying to dental school. After eleven years I chose to sell the practice, enjoy life and be a full-time dad. Two years later I decided to buy another practice, but my inherent laziness made me bring on an associate after a couple of years. Now with two associates, I do the kind of dentistry I enjoy for six or seven days a month.

Sterling guided me to create the life I wanted and they continue to provide consulting as I explore new management territory. They have always been there for me, and even with all I’ve done, I continue to keep my consultants handy. If you really believe that things can get better for you, rest assured, they can. I recommend you call Sterling and ask for a free copy of their new DVD which includes a no-charge consultation.

Rick Forman, DDS