Now I Have Both the Knowledge and Intention to Succeed

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I graduated from the University of Detroit in 1988 and have been practicing in Detroit ever since. I had come to a crossroad as to the direction in which the practice needed to go. I had gotten my credentials in implantology and so was transforming my practice from a general to an implant practice. But I had come to the end of my rope because I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. I knew I needed some help, so I came out to Sterling Management.

My consultant then recommended that I get a SPEEDO* and I took her advice since she is a very knowledgeable person.

The SPEEDO consultant came to my office and brought all the things I had been telling my staff into focus. I had created too steep a gradient for them. But the SPEEDO brought everything into line and showed them how and why things were done, and the technology behind how I wanted things to be done in the office.

The staff thought the training was excellent. Everyone received hatting on their posts. Knowing what their posts really consisted of and what their stats were going to be, made everyone more productive.

She implemented the org board, stats, communication system and an accounts receivables program. She also took a good look at our suppliers and spotted that one of our labs was creating a lot of extra unnecessary work for us. So we have replaced them with one that gives better service.

The SPEEDO really made the staff look at production and their whole job differently because now they have a clearer direction and path to follow in order to perform their duties.

The big change for me was that I really put on the exec hat to make sure things were getting done. That was the key. I am much more direct and my intentions are very high now, and this carries over from the business into my personal life as well. Personally I found that doing a SPEEDO helps you weed out the problems and look at life a lot differently. You are more focused as far as all your dynamics and they change significantly as a result. Being focused even helps you hit a longer and straighter golf ball, too.

The SPEEDO took place right before 9/11. Since then the overall economy has gone down. In Detroit that has meant layoffs at the automotive manufacturers, as well as the problems with K-Mart, which is headquartered in Detroit. But our mindsets were different as a result of the SPEEDO so, despite what is happening with other businesses, our production has gone up, hitting a new record in the following January.

As a result of the SPEEDO, our office is better organized. We now have daily and weekly meetings to review the stats and formulate battle plans. We’re doing a better job of closing implant cases, and that is showing up in the income. The morale in the office is high.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only way to Power, step by step, brick by brick. There isn’t any other way to do it.

Despite my MBA, I really didn’t have any real management tech before. Now I have both the knowledge and the intention to succeed.

Keith Hudson, DDS

*SPEEDO – Staff Production Enhancement and Establishment by Debug Officer