Mark Masunaga

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When I started my practice in 1989, I didn’t understand running a business. I thought that my excellent professional skills would result in a booming practice. I understood “the fact” of a slow first year, but then years two, three and four arrived and it was still slow. I hired the “best” staff based on their experience. But no matter how hard I tried to make my office go the way I wanted, it didn’t.

I tried a lot of things, none of which were successful. I went to seminars, I listened to speakers, I even hired a consultant who met with me just once and proceeded to make things worse.

By the time I found Sterling in 1996, my staff had the attitude that they could run the office better than I could. The truth of it was I had severe staffing problems and severe attitude problems. There were months where I took less pay, but my staff would demand more money, better benefits, fewer work hours, and I’d give it to them. I thought this would turn things around; it didn’t.

One of the most important things Sterling taught me was how to hire staff based on their integrity and honesty. I learned how to recognize truly good people and then properly train them on their staff duties. I also learned to be an effective leader.

My current staff enjoy the Sterling method—it got everyone on the same page and being a real team. Everyone gets along; the atmosphere is happy, positive, and productive. They want to work. They want to be successful. None of us could imagine using any other method of organizing, and patients notice something is better here.

Practicing dentistry is challenging enough; I need all my staff working with me. I finally found a management system that gives each staff their area of control and responsibility. My practice became more profitable almost immediately after my first training with Sterling and has now tripled.

If there are areas of your practice that don’t seem quite right, I highly recommend that you call Sterling at 800-933-7538 for a free practice management DVD and complimentary consultation. No one else I’ve spoken to, no one else but Sterling, has been able to correctly address the business and management needs of my practice.

Mark Masunaga, DDS