Bernie Stephenson

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My name is Bernie Stephenson and I am a general dentist in Nevada, Iowa. I started my practice from scratch about five years ago. For the first three years, we enjoyed average growth in both patients and in finances. However, we got to a certain point that we just couldn’t get over. No matter how hard we worked, we just couldn’t take the practice to the next level. We were making ends meet, but we weren’t doing as well as I thought we could. I realized that we needed some help.

Around this time, I received a card in the mail from Sterling Management. I called for the free video and consultation. The management philosophy that Sterling uses seemed to make a lot of sense to me and I enrolled for further training. My consultant gave me a plan to follow that was specifically formulated to fit the needs of my practice.

Results? Well, they have been fantastic! My production and collections have doubled! We have reached new highs of production with less stress. My staff is motivated and self-directed and we are providing a level of care that is better than we were before. All of the staff are now working in a coordinated effort to achieve our goals. I learned how to take control of my practice and not let it control me. Every day is now a great day to go to work, but perhaps the best result of all is that I now have more free time to spend with my wife and children!

Sterling has helped me achieve satisfaction in both my professional and personal life.

Bernie Stephenson, DDS