The Push That I needed to Reach My Goals

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In the fall of 1999, I took an inside look at my own CPA practice and realized that the growth had been lower than I wanted and after 12 years, I was “burnt out.” Being a sole practitioner with one full-time administrative staff person and one part-time CPA during tax season, I was having to do the majority of interviews during the day and preparing the tax returns late into the evening. This was not the way I wanted to continue working.

I already knew that if I didn’t make the right changes in the management of my CPA practice then I’d be doing the same old things again and again, year after year. In August of 1999, Sterling’s advertising information came in the mail and at just the right time. I made the call to Sterling and requested their video that explained the management technology. Of all the solicitations that we as CPAs receive in the mail, Sterling’s was the only one that provided me with solutions to my old, incorrect business methods. The primary reason I went with Sterling was that I needed a tried and true system and I didn’t want to spend years to learn it.

Since the Spring of 2000, I have been able to implement the strategic plans and programs that my Sterling consultant had designed for me. After attending the training in Glendale, CA, this strategic plan made it crystal clear what I needed, and wanted, for my CPA practice and it also incorporated what I wanted to achieve in my personal life. On an ongoing basis, I now had a consultant that knew my business and was available by telephone to keep me focused on the program steps to reach these goals. In just two years, my gross revenue increased 175% and better yet, my personal income was up 200%. But best of all, as my wife has found out, I no longer work the long 90+ hours a week during tax season and I work even fewer hours after tax season.

Another major credit to Sterling has been their aid in the hiring process. They help to design the advertisement that goes into our classified ads. They also assist in the testing program of the final job applicants and they provide an important analysis of these applicants’ aptitude and their personality traits before we can make a mistake of hiring the wrong person. We have all been very team-oriented in this office. Now, each member fits the team and each has been instructed in their particular roles and duties in the organization. As part of this team, I have had to learn to give up control over a lot of things and I can count on the staff to complete them.

Sterling’s training and consultant were the “push” that I needed to reach my goals. I have applied the management technology they teach to assist my clients in their businesses and at the same time increase my billings. It does work.

I invite you to call Sterling and find out if they have anything to offer for your practice.

Allan G. Bolden, CPA