Sterling Was the Reality Check of a Lifetime

By September 23, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

I wanted to change everything in my practice. I had been practicing for twenty years in Oklahoma and I was so tired of my accounting practice. I had an unhappy partnership arrangement that I did not want to face, and I was ready to quit my accounting practice altogether.

I know how to do the CPA side, that’s easy for me, but I didn’t feel like I was competent in managing people. I own my office building and had started three businesses (a CPA practice, a registered investment advisor investment company, and an insurance agency) and the growth was unbelievable and overwhelming.

When I went to Sterling, I was at my wits’ end. Within a week of my return from Sterling, I handled the unhappy partnership agreement by ending that relationship. Then I hired another CPA, so my two CPAs can do all the darn CPA stuff I don’t like to do (I’m probably not supposed to say that!). My consultant has really helped me to screen and hire the right people. Before, it was like throwing darts. Sterling has helped me to not continue making the same mistakes as far as personnel hiring. I would have made two more mistakes on my own, but my consultant said “No.” So I didn’t hire them. I really do think I’ve got good people in place now.

I’m doing more new client generation. Before Sterling, I was so tied down with other “stuff” that I wasn’t able to focus on building clientele.

My ex-partner and I had gotten to the point where we just weren’t talking at all. Without my consultant and going out to Sterling, I would have probably just stayed in that relationship; I don’t know if I would have ever gotten out of the deal. I wasn’t very good at confronting situations like that, and I am really good at it now. This was something I gained through Sterling. I have a lot more energy now and it gave me a great feeling of freedom. By applying the management and inter-personal methodology to my business as well as life, the results were amazing!

Sterling was the reality check of a lifetime. My advice to other CPAs is to just do the Sterling program. I told one CPA I talked to that I’d looked at all the money I’d lost from not having made these changes previously, before Sterling. I figured it was 100K or more. But you’ve got to be willing to make the changes.

I used to thrive on stress, or I thought I did. I like tax season. I like having all of that stuff going on. But the stress I had going on was not good stress. I was to the point of nearly giving up the practice. That was pathetic! The first day with the consultant was worth the whole trip to Sterling! Then it got even better. I should have done this years ago!

I invite you to give Sterling a call at 800-933-7538 or select here for a complimentary DVD and no charge consultation. They got me on the road to prosperity.

Glenda Long, CPA