My Gross Income and Net Have Increased by 300%

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I have been in public practice for 27 years and was in a partnership for close to 17 of those years. In 1997, I moved to another area of the state and decided to go it alone, starting over with minimal clients and working six to seven days a week. I was not happy about the results I was achieving. I knew that there must be something else I could do to make more money and spend less time doing it! I knew there was something I was not doing but did not know what that was.

I started looking at the alternatives available in management training and consulting. One day I got a letter from a CPA who told me about Sterling courses and consulting.

That month I called Sterling and talked to a senior consultant about what could be done and he sent me a DVD about their services. Then I called and we determined which program was best for me.

In five years, I have grown from the solo office to a five-person office and am growing tremendously each and every year. My gross income and net have increased by 300% since then.

Additionally, I have taken more vacation and weekends off than I ever have and have the business and consulting support from Sterling and my advisor there whenever I need it. I now take all my staff to Sterling’s weekend programs and with the support of my staff I have a new goal of building a million-dollar practice in the near future.

I thank Sterling for the technology they taught me and my staff. I know I am in good hands and that I will be supported regardless of whatever growth issues arise. The technology they teach is powerful and I think they can help you achieve your goals as they have mine.

Stanley Mroz, CPA

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