Now I Actually Have Some Time When I Can Work!

By September 23, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

When veteran Kentucky CPA Lloyd Painter called Sterling, he wasn’t just looking for things to be a bit better.

“It was a matter of survival,” he says. “I felt my business had grown to the point I didn’t know how to run my business. I understood the technical side of what I was doing, but I didn’t have the management side of it down. “I know other people who were having the same kind of ‘growing pains,’ you might call them, and they had gotten a lot out of Sterling.”

Although the majority of Sterling clients come to Glendale, California, for business analysis, training, and drawing up an individualized expansion program, Painter chose a service called a SPEEDO, in which a Sterling consultant comes to the practice and gets the Hubbard management technology implemented on a time-lapse basis.

“It went very well.

“I think probably the greatest thing for us was the explanation of what ‘developed traffic’ is—basically all those little things that happen throughout your day that take you away from what you need to be doing – and some specific ways to get rid of it. The use of dispatches rather than lots of verbal chatter, the use of the three-basket system and various things that were new to us.

“I wanted someone to come in and change my office to the point where I have my weekends back,” says Mr. Painter, a few months after starting with Sterling.

“The immediate and instant difference was everything got quieter. And that did great things for my production for sure, because that was my biggest problem—the interruption, jumping from one thing to another. Now I actually have some time when I can work!

“To tell you the truth, before the Sterling consultant came, I couldn’t conceive how they could make that much change in a short time. In other words, Sterling brought about more change more quickly than I would ever have thought they could.

“Everybody is happier with the way things are now, compared to the way they were.”