I Increased Revenues Over 15% Despite the Economy!

By September 23, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

A few years ago, our firm had just finished a stressful tax season. My practice was barely two years old, with eight staff, and I still felt I was doing everything. I received a card in the mail from Sterling and whatever the message was, it struck a chord. I returned the card…anything to add more to the bottom line and work fewer hours. At the time I connected with a Sterling representative, I was also in the middle of negotiations with a sole-practitioner to purchase his practice, which would increase our gross revenue 33% and add another employee. More issues to address!

My conversations with the Sterling representatives resulted in scheduling a program with one of their consultants. Because we were headed into another tax season and also trying to absorb another practice, it made sense to have the consultant travel to our office and get all the staff on the same page.

The consultant spent 5 1/2 days with us. She trained the staff and helped us develop office policies, put together an organization chart and made assignments, so I wasn’t doing everything. I actually had an excellent office manager right under my nose, and I didn’t even know it. It was the best thing I ever did!

We now have daily battle plan meetings, weekly staff meetings and a weekly executive board meeting. We use statistics to measure performance and I even have the professionals being paid on a percent of their production. Our first year, with the practice purchase and Sterling, we had a 50% increase in billings. This year we increased revenues over 15% despite the economy! I wish I had found Sterling when I first set up my practice.

I now get to do the things I really enjoy: litigation support work, marketing for new clients and planning for the firm’s future. I really enjoy my work and the staff is very happy.

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Ruth Pierce, CPA