Florida CPA Grabs Reins to Manage Practice Growth

By September 23, 2016 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

George V. Famiglio, CPA, had been in practice for 13 years, and had availed himself of a wide range of business knowledge, before he decided to look into Sterling. With a degree in Accounting and business law, a Master’s degree in Taxation, and other certificates, he was still looking for specific management tools for his own practice. He was successful and expanding, with eight people in the office, but wanted to be better able to manage that expansion.

When a friend suggested Sterling management, George had to listen to only half an hour of a seminar to be convinced that this was what he was looking for.

Asked by CPA Today what he found most valuable, he said, “I like it all! The concepts are brilliant, very workable, and really provide an understanding. For instance, they have a terrific system of organizational flows, including a hat (an explicitly spelled out set of functions) for each staff member. We have definite policy for important matters, rather than confusing and arbitrary decisions.”

Implementing the Hubbard system, he says, not only put him in control of his practice, but immediately gave him an office where more work got done, with less stress and fewer interruptions.

George’s wife, Jane, is the Office Manager, and is just as enthusiastic: “I was really impressed at the decrease in wasted time as a result of the management system. There’s more production, more team spirit, people working more together. In fact, I think the respect for the firm has grown because people see we have made these beneficial changes.”

Besides crediting Sterling with helping her do her own job more effectively, Jane Famiglio says it helped her husband and boss be a better leader: “George has really taken a positive direction and is leading the firm in the right way, so that we’ve all been able to work together in the direction of the same goal, and it’s really great!”

George V. Famiglio, CPA