I Have Recouped My Investment Ten-Fold

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I have been in public accounting for twenty-five years; twenty as a partner but only four years as a manager. Trying to run my practice like my predecessors was keeping up with the consistency principle, which is long hours and much stress.

In the fall of 1999, I decided to give Sterling a try to see if they could make my job more enjoyable. Since then, they have given me the vision and guidance to not only enjoy my job but to make money.

We have increased our billings and profitability substantially and created a friendly atmosphere in our office. Our office procedures have changed dramatically which has been enjoyed by all management and staff alike.

Since tax season was upon us when I began to implement Sterling’s recommendations, I only implemented a fraction of their system. They persuaded me to get involved by stating that I would recoup my investment in 6 months. By the end of tax season (approximately five months of implementation), I have recouped my investment ten-fold.

In our world, numbers tell the story.

Edward F. Thaney, CPA

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