Most Importantly, I have a Life Back

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Two years ago I had reached the point of feeling my practice was out of control and running my life. I had become accustomed to working six and seven days a week almost all year long. When I did manage to get a little time away I was worried about all the things that were behind and needed to be done.

Work was backlogged everywhere and there were plenty of great excuses given to the clients trying to assure them their work was “in process”. My daily priorities were changing with each phone call and there were countless drives home thinking to myself, “I did not get anything accomplished today yet I was so busy—what did I do all day?” I thought about adding another staff person but I did not think I could afford that so I convinced myself to just work harder.

The thing that really bothered me was when I finally realized the practice I had so proudly started twelve years earlier based on prompt, professional and personal service had mutated into something much less than that. I realized I was not having fun and could not see myself continuing on like this for another twenty years, yet I did not know what to do.

Then I received another marketing piece from Sterling Management. In prior years, I had received something from Sterling but had simply tossed it thinking I did not need anything like that. This time I realized I should ask for the video, after all, what could it hurt to get the free video?

The video was just the beginning of a new era for my firm. Since that time I have completed intense training that has completely changed my practice.

Because of my decision to accept Sterling’s help, I acquired the technology and confidence to hire an excellent office manager and additional staff. My revenues immediately increased and have steadily increased since. Please note that I had initially told Sterling that I was not really interested in additional revenue, I just wanted to get things under control and work less.

A new marketing program provided by Sterling has continued to add more new clients than I thought possible.

Most importantly, I have a life back. This summer I actually spent a week in Hawaii, another week in Glendale, California for more advanced training from Sterling and I just returned from another vacation to Cancun, Mexico!

In between, I have been enjoying my weekends at home. Please realize that I am only telling you this to emphasize the drastic change that has occurred in my life simply due to the powerful technology and training that has been provided by Sterling.

If you can relate to the problems I was having, I urge you to take action now and examine the Sterling program. I only wish I had accepted their offer several years earlier.

Bill Gregory, CPA