Our Consultants


Our practice management consultant team is composed of exceptional management professionals who are dedicated to your success. Each practice management consultant is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the industry.

Our expert consultants are ready to help you achieve the practice and life you always wanted.

Why Work With Our Consultants

By Kevin Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Sterling

Our consultants are first and foremost stable points for practice owners. The confusions generated by a practice—the public at large, its patients, staff, the vendors and especially the government—can hit the owner of a practice daily. Combining the energies of the consultant and the practice owner overcomes the confusions generated. Our consultants give the practice owners stability.

It has been proven time and time again, the confusion is much greater without our consultants to call upon to instill sanity and bring calm to even the most “unsolvable problems.” Just the fact that somebody exists who can give you a hand is, in itself, a settling influence. Why? Because we live in a somewhat chaotic world. And the world, left to its own devices, is not promising to get saner any time soon.



Our consultants get called upon daily to take care of the following issues:
  1. Hiring the right staff and training existing staff
  2. Getting new clients / patients and keeping the appointment book full
  3. Keeping the staff productive and motivated
  4. Finding the cause of declining practice performance (to revert it) and increased practice performance (to reinforce it)

Our consultants’ experience and skillful use of Hubbard’s management tools enables them to provide the right solutions. To hire qualified staff, our consultants work with the practitioners on devising advertising designed to attract the right people, testing those who apply and then giving them a trial run to see if they can perform the tasks necessary. To get more new patients, our consultants oversee creating and executing effective internal and external marketing programs. To make staff more productive and motivated, our consultants guide the practitioners on staff training, the proper use of managing by performance statistics and proper incentives or bonuses based on their production.

Our consultants are the best in the world. They know your business and theirs inside out. With our consultants in your corner, you can conquer the confusions of the workaday world and accomplish what you envision for your practice.